Dear Friends,

I am writing you today to seek your support for “Akhil Rayatsevak-Krantikari Sangh” ARKS.
Our mission is to raise awareness of Patriotism in the interior of India.
ARKS is registered organization working in area of building nation as well as social work for poor people with long term planning in India.

Primary Objectives

1. To bring all youths of India together, for building strong nation.
2. Run Social work programs, to increase Patriotism/Indian cultural values, Love for nation.
3. To Stop cheating of customers from all levels.
4. To Help poor and ground level people to improve their lifestyle.
5. Program to empower women.

ARKS have many more objectives, you will realize in coming years.

To help realize these goals I seek and need support and involvement of all Indians, friends and patrons.

I just want to thank you for anything you can do to help this truly worthy cause.

We would greatly appreciate Donation/Membership/Participation.

Thank you for considering our request.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact.

So let’s come together for noble work.

With sincere thanks and appreciation.

Prashant Khande(Patil)
Founder President
Akhil Rayatsevak-Krantikari Sangh